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rest in peace, Father.

it seems this week is one of loss, in more ways than one.

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is it not NIFTY?

penguin chick
haha, with all apologies to Pete Abrams, this site is pretty nifty.

seriously. My wishlist is several pages long already. From the measuring cup with a plunger (no more struggling with sticky honey or peanut butter or sour cream in recipes!) to a machine that can analyze babies' cries and tell you approximately why they are crying (this is apparently second nature for me now, scarily enough.)

seriously. go see it. if you're anywhere close to a geek like me, you will love it.

[aaaand Edited. Apologies for the broken link. This is what I get for typing too fast.]

haha I come bearing gifts!

OK, first off...
standing in the cold for hours and hours and hours freezing your butt off is:
a) well, cold. like a witch's you-know-wots.
b) amazingly invigorating
c) a great bonding experience
and d) all worth it.
Obama has the hopes of so many riding on him, I just really want him to do well and for once, maybe all the politician promises will come true. I'm going to be the stupid one that hopes.

anyway, I have to write an official entry for the UVAToday blog, I'll post that here then.

this is what I really wanted to post today, I saw it on elvondyn's blog:

The first five people to respond to this post will get something from me. It will be about or tailored to those five lucky "victims". The catch? Oh, the catch is that you have to put this in your journal as well, if you expect me to do something for you! (or facebook, or something.)

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:
1. I make no guarantees that you will like what I give you!
2. What I create will be just for you.
3. It'll be done this year.
4. You have no clue what it's going to be. It may be fic. It may be poetry. I may draw or paint something. I may bake you something and mail it to you. Who knows? Not you, that's for sure!
5. I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.

heh, that's it! I didn't put this on Facebook because I thought that would be weird. Nope, this is for the people who read my blog regularly and would like some little thingy for me :)

blietzkrieg! Again!

yay for lightning updates.

if you haven't heard...

so happy. I cried watching his speech. And the hologram thingies on CNN were cool.

it was quite cool to see, honestly. They beamed in too.
"We are beaming you in..." LOL.

so I'm in three different shows now, short shows but STILL, it's three different rehearsal schedules to get straight and three different loads of lines, bleh. Running around like a chicken with no head characterizes my life.

I also have an art history compare-and-contrast paper and a Child Development exam due on the same day. gahh.
And then there's another Asian American studies paper to worry about.

And I need to get my schedule for next semester sorted.
I also need to plan where I'm going to live 3rd year.

On the bright'm doing most of what I'm doing because I enjoy it and I don't seem to be faring too badly so far in the semester! Unfortunately, this is also the point in the semester where Carlton tells me that most people start getting really tired and fed up of school. I begin to understand what he means.

OH YES, last thing before I go, ALL YOU LURKERS. leave me a quick tag (I don't care what it is, cusses, a single letter, symbols, ampersands, gerunds, nouns, anything!) just to let me know you are there. And then you may go back to your lurking.

on my very last note:
what brought Obama to the top.

we are the ones.

yes, we can.

brain activity not detected.

After spending way more time than I wanted to wrestling with the Physics homework (Thank you SO MUCH to Carlton who helped clear things up so I understood)
now I turn to my paper for African American Art.
I thought getting an argument out of a song for History of Jazz last semester was difficult, turns out getting an argument out of a painting isn't much easier for me.
I'm really not slacking by being here. I'm squeezing my brain, thinking out loud, wondering what I can possibly write for this paper.
and vowing to myself that next time things will not be so last minute!

on a side note.
there's an awesome foam party going on this Friday.
sadly I cannot go. due to reasons I shall not expound on but which are sufficiently vexing in and of themselves.
big picture, it doesn't matter. but STILL. Foam party. damn.
If you started a restaurant, what would it serve, what would it look like and what would you name it? You have an unlimited budget.
I've never done one of these before and I'm bored, lol.
Hmmm unlimited budget? Now THAT sounds amazing...
let's see, start with what it would serve. For me coffee and books always just seem to go together so well--everyone's curled up with a hot drink and their favourite novel on a rainy day at some point or another. You know, if you've had a long week and you want to unwind quietly by yourself or if you're comforting yourself over a disappointment or a heartbreak (can't tell you how many times I've read the literary romances and wished my life would go a little more like that...)
So I'd have a nice wide range of coffees, teas, and hot chocolate, with cakes, cookies, baked goods in general. Some savouries too, since I tend to crave savoury stuff haha. Maybe have some sandwiches and wraps, one or two soups every day, potato wedges, stuff like that.

It'd look like a library. With food. Haha. Very warm interior decor, lots of wood and windows for light (okay, so maybe keeping it cool/warm would be a nightmare but unlimited budget!)I'd play jazz music (sorry Michael Buble, we're talking Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis and Dave Brubeck). Posters of literary greats and maybe classic movie posters on the walls, a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf with books for people to choose from. And a nice hand-lettered sign saying, "you're on the honor system. Share the love and the books!" (If I get paranoid I'll just tag the books using the way they do it in libraries. The detection barriers look ugly though.)
People can choose books to enjoy over their coffee, and they can donate books too. And a suggestion box in one corner for people to suggest titles they want and stuff.
BYOB at my place would stand for Bring Your Own Book--think I might call it that, too. B.Y.O.B (:

*sigh* wish I could do that for a living for real, but I don't have the head for business or the capital for start-up. maybe one day when I've worked for awhile and get sick of that world? meh.

oh for the love of Books (:

I saw this on one of my friend's LJ. The Big Read reckons that the average adult has read only about 6 of the books they've printed.

-->look at the list and:
bold what you've read
italicise what you're going to read
underline what you love.

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bubblegum is good for you sometimes.

was listening to music today that can only be described as bubblegum pop. These songs don't have any hardhitting messages, they were not by cutting edge artistes, they were not obscure enough to gain me indie cred by listening to them--they probably dominated the airwaves for a pretty good while before fading out. S Club 7, Backstreet Boys, Sophie Ellis-Bextor (okay, a bit more recent), Savage Garden, Michael Learns to Rock, things like that. It's always surprising, you listen at first and the "jaded, cool" attitude you've learned to assume as you've gotten older starts to crumble away--instead of sounding cheesy and corny, it sounds pretty good and you realise you can actually sing along.
oh well. I'll never be cool. I don't listen to enough obscure Scandinavian rock.
But they made me feel good (:

yesterday was a day of sifting through recent albeit slightly painful memories for me. Painful...but the process was necessary. Maybe now the healing process will really be complete and I can put everything behind me once and for all. The demons are beginning to do what they're told, which is amazing.
Being the masochist that I am I went poking through slightly older memories and I realised just how much pain I caused (and received) in my previous relationship. Hindsight tells me I should have known better than to force something like that simply because I was lonely. And I should have known better than to take so much nonsense for something that I knew wasn't worth hanging on to. It was ike candy floss masquerading as a real dessert when really it was just sugar and air. To you...if you do see this, I'm sorry for the pain I caused. And I forgive you for the pain you caused. There's nothing more aggravating than being forgiven for what you didn't do. But there's a world of difference between what you think you didn't do and what you really did.

dramafest/Phuket memories

Am getting quite excited about it actually--after a few near misses we've finally cast our Betty and Bill for our (localised) production of Sure Thing. We had to change a couple of the references but I think it'll be okay (: just need to figure out the perfect place to rehearse.

and in other random news, I begin to seriously miss the beach since I've come back from Phuket. The beaches in Singapore are, admittedly, not quite as gorgeous but they do! As soon as I get over this pesky bout of pseudo-flu (it's acting like flu but it doesn't quite want to make up its mind), I'm hitting the beach again. Hopefully it won't be too crowded to have fun? The draw of Phuket during the off-season is that the beaches are delightfully uncrowded. Or certain beaches, anyway. Pathong Beach and Kata Beach were densely packed but Karon Beach, the one that the resort we stayed at opened up to, had maybe a handful of people there everyday and it was a lovely relaxing experience. Start off with a nice long walk along the firm sand, then jump in the water and ride the waves like a little kid for a while, then retreat from the sea and lie on a blanket and just enjoy the sun.
definitely going back to Phuket some time next year. Can't believe it's only now that I've discovered how beautiful Thailand is, and it was so close to home the entire time.

there's a place called kokomo...

well screw Kokomo, Phuket is where it's at y'all!!!!
We're at the Marina Phuket and the rooms are nothing short of stunning. Photos will come once I've stopped squeeing.
This was really what I needed--just a few days with nothing to do but relax and wake up to the beautiful blue ocean outside my window.
I'm sitting on the balcony outside the suite, looking at crystal clear water and listening to the surf on the beach. This feels amazing.
And there's a baby elephant named Naa-mon who comes around everyday at 10.30 am.
I think I'm going to like this.




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